i'm sky.


I like flowers + graphic design + drawing things + dinosaurs + grammar + painting + semicolons + marketing strategies + dumplings + Nic Cage movies.

art direction.

Visual merchandising? Retail window displays?
I love a blank canvas.
Photo shoot styling? Brand communication?
I thrive when I design with a purpose (+ when I can play with colors). I use my marketing background to design cohesively for brand voice + target demographics.
Because of all the cool stuff that falls under art direction, contact me for a curated portfolio of work! 


I approach floral design with fine art principles and emphasis on movement + color. I swoon over new color varieties + how freaking cool nature is. 
My personal work has been published here (yes, THAT Martha Stewart. can you say goals?) :
I am exploring + challenging perception of the floral industry through art installations + styling. View the visual narrative of nature / floral relationships + environmental impact of the industry here : 

want to make flower magic? hit me up!

I'm also available for freelance. 


I studied graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology. It was neat. I am all about right-alignment + sans serif fonts.
View my Rochester NY themed work here or buy it exclusively from Shop Peppermint here. And will someone please send me a garbage plate? Please.
Looking for design with bold colors + jeff goldblum + profanity + burritos + flowers + serial killers + dad jokes?


I. Love. Grammar. Semicolons aren't dead; I give a fuck about Oxford Commas + I will tear your subordinate clauses to shreds.
Brand voice is important. I have experience writing + editing website + social media copy for several companies. 
There's copy all over this website, but if you want specific examples, ask me here please.
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Interested in flower things? 
Looking for a copyeditor? 
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Tell me what your fave Nic Cage movie is?